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Doctors and scientists at Bottega Organica combine proven anti-aging science and 100% natural, organic ingredients to create revolutionary skincare products. Driven by the belief that breakthrough science and organic skincare can go hand in hand, we meticulously craft every formula to nurture the skin and prolong youthfulness without preservatives, artificial fragrances, emulsifiers, colors or synthetics of any kind. All products contain "Natural Inhibitors of Senescence", botanical formulas proven to prolong the youthful state of human cells - Patent n. EP14153316.6


Science & nature

Bottega Organica's 100% organic, all-natural skincare concept was born in 2013 from Dr. Alimonti’s pivotal scientific discovery on the powerful ant-aging effects of salvia haenkei.

Dr. Andrea Alimonti, a world-renowned geneticist, screened thousands of different plants for their ability to maintain human cells in a youthful state. He was ultimately able to identify a handful of plant extracts with intense anti-aging action: salvia haenkei, also known as prawn sage, was by far the most active extract and now is the backbone of our skincare line. Dr. Alimonti’s research on salvia haenkei is published in the December 2016 issue of the US scientific journal Aging: Identification of Salvia haenkei as gerosuppressant agent by using an integrated senescence‐screening assay: “The most potent of these hits was an extract of Salvia haenkei (SH) a member of the family of Salvias, native of Bolivia. SH decreased senescence by 50%…”

Everything that goes into our products is well-researched and meticulously crafted. All Bottega Organica ingredients are harvested and processed naturally from our farms in Italy – straight from farm to bottle. You won’t find any preservatives, emulsifiers, artificial fragrances, colors or synthetics of any kind.

You can find Bottega Organica products worldwide, either online or from one of our retailers.

Our science driven discoveries 

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